Site updates!

After repeated complaints from our sponsors, our site has been brought up to code!

Read our kinda new and slightly improved Manifesto, and get to know our carousing crew all over again thanks to a series of overhauled backstories.

But wait, there’s more!

Take advantage of the slicked up and streamlined site navigation behind our little dotcom venture. Here’s how it works:

Welcome: does what it says on the tin (tab actually), i.e. bidding you a warm welcome and laying out some ground rules.

Manifesto: shorter, sweeter, a bit snappier, explaining why we do what we pursue, and write what we wish to say, sort of our proclamation of adventure-driven independence consisting of a series of aphorisms and nuggets of advice.

Meet the Hobos: click on the plus to read up on the life and times of the supertramps that make up the Hobo Laureates.

Pictures: being a gallery of picturesque pictures, mostly adult people in animal masks striking contrived poses, but we’ll be adding real-life travel photographs in the course of the coming months. The view and layout aren’t optimal, we know, but then this WordPress template was created with pen pushers in mind, not paparazzi.

Index: all our themes and tribulations, in alphabetical order.

More: follow the ASCII arrow to the plus on the far right tab, which will take you to blogrolls and neat widget-type information.

Logo: click on the fancy logo with the animals crackers to return to our storied Weblog at any given time.

What else is new? Yes, the font!

Apart from these hokey innovations, it’s business as usual for lovers of travel and campfire tales.

We hope you enjoy your stay!





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