You Betcha Big Sur

Up the 1
Due north and away from the sun
The grass and the beards growing longer
The whoop of the weird sounding stronger
And mighty redwoods shelter the bums

Love and Laughs!

Up the 1
On that wild winding waterfront run
The maps to the stars turning dimmer
The surfers resurface as swimmers
And the hitchhikers stick out their thumbs

Orange County Bosch!

Up the 1
From LA to the Bay and beyond
Laid back and so forth and less Fluor
‘How are you?’ and smartphones ring truer
And mothers look like actual moms

Air-Co Dream!

Up the 1
Where all things are read and undone
Floral patterns increasingly checkered
The Blondes less affected, more freckled
And farmer’s markets are littered with crumbs

Yessir, Capra!

Up the 1
That departure from sashaying buns
Where Organic escapes organization
Frozen yoghurt and self-deprecation
And the hipsters knit scarves and chew gum

Why so abstract, though?

Up the 1
420, craft beer, hella fun
Baja bantams and high tech displays
Bad traffic drowning plastic decay
And when the rain hits the road boy it hums

Holy Maurizius! Take me to the bridge

Oh, I’m making that U-turn, I’m subverting this wheel
I’m driving this car back till I even its keel
Gone whizzing past otters and humpbacks and seals
To see what it looks like, to know how it feels

So it’s Goodbye Gualala, I’m back down the coast
To that Los Padres haven that got pipped at the Posts
To that belle-lettry shack songsters cherish the most
To California’s coolest, most welcoming hosts

Echolalalalalalaliaaaaah! Hey! Aller! Retour!

I’m craving some Miller, and I don’t mean that Lite
I’m talking ole Henry, of Tropic delights
It’s Miller time baby, and boy I feel blessed
I’m meeting the scribe Brenda Venus loved best

Off to the library, to meet the gold Colossus
Sexus-Plexus and Nexus, the Big Sur Parnassus
Down that storied stage and strange bird sacrarium
Inside the Cosmic Eye, there’s a whole planetarium
Memorial music and mighty quirky decorum
And on my table some Magnum Opus Pistorum

Lore Ipsum Let’s go then!

Going to the Henry Miller Memorial Libraryyyyyy
The prettiest place on earth
Going to the Henry Miller Memorial Libraryyyyyy
To listen to music and mirth

Oh, yessir, Big Sur, I’m going, I’m there
I’ll order some coffee, I’ll pull up a chair
To stare at the girls so literate and fair
Those novel post-modern high-cal hummingbird honeys
With bookmarks in their hair….

fade out into the Pacific

Guitar Gerry Berghaus and the BUMS  (Banjo-Ukelele-Mandolin-Sitar)
“Up the 1, You Bet Big Sur – A tribute to the Henry Miller Memorial Library”
From the album Petrified in Petrolia, Daisy Chain Records, 2015, all rights reserved






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