The Hobo Laureates

“It is simply wrong to begin with a theme, symbol or other abstract unifying agent, and then to to force character and events to it.” Thomas Pynchon – Slow Learner 

Introducing the Hobo Laureates.

The Hobo Laureates are a happy-go-lucky, hell-for-leather and heavily fictionalized band of traveling storytellers who have dedicate their wayfaring lives, as well as this makeshift website, to bringing you the best and brightest of campfire tales. Our uniformly light, intermittently post-modern and frequently picaresque open-air entertainments, which hope to celebrate the emancipatory power of existential horseplay and the fading freedom of the narrative arts, are aimed semi-squarely at happy campers, culture vultures, captains of industry and class acts, friendly people who find real and unbridged sustenance, pleasure and meaning in the all-in and all-out pursuit of a higher mileage and taller tales.

Welcome, one and all.

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